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A World Of Friendship

I have been on the net both with Webtv and a PC for about two years now. During this time I have made many wonderful friends from all over the world. I have been lucky enough to meet a good deal of them in my travels while driveing truck. I hope to have the chance to meet all of them eventually. Until that time we will have to all stay in touch with ICQ, E-mail and the many trucking chat rooms we all frequnt. Please go take a look at there webpages they have put a great deal of work into them. Sign there guest books and tell them PUP sent you.

Other Friends.

I have many other friends who do not have webpages and I do not want to leave them out. So here they are you can meet some of them at "The Drivers Lounge" A great trucking chat room. There is a link to it on my trucking links page. Come on over and join the family!

Captain Kirk--A trucker from Ontario Canada.

Wookie--A trucker from Florida USA.

Yankee & Yankette--A trucker and his wife from New York USA.

Duck--A truckers son from Minnesota USA.

Joerg--A trucker from Germany.

Kate--A trucker from Ontario Canada.

Uncle--A trucker from Florida USA.

Chance's R--A friend from Ontario Canada.

Sparks--A soon to be trucker from Washington State USA.

Summertime--A friend from Ontario Canada.

Insanity101--A friend from British Columbia Canada.

Meet Some Of My Friends!

Tinkerbells Place
My Wifes Webpage.
A trucker from Ontario Canada and one of my best friends on the net.
An ex trucker from Detroit MI USA.
A good friend from Detroit MI USA.
A truckers wife and a good friend that lives close to me in New York USA.
An ex trucker and truckers wife from Missouri USA.
Agood friend from Australia.
A trucker from Australia.
A trucker from New Zealand.
A truck mechanic from Virginia USA.
A truck mechanic from Australia.
Misbehavin & Muleskinner
A husband & wife team from Oklahoma USA.
Mrs. Cementhead
A friend from Alberta Canada.
Mr. Cementhead
A friend from Alberta Canada.
A truckers wife from Oregon USA.
Arkwally & Fluffy
Good friends from Arkansas USA.
A trucker from Florida USA.
A truckers wife from Oklahoma USA.
An ex trucker now dispatcher from Texas USA.
A truckers son from Ohio USA.
Grumpy & Bandit
Two truckers from Texas USA.
A trucker from Mississippi USA.

As you can see I have many talented friends but one can never have too many. If I have neglected to add your page or you find a link that does not work please e-mail me my address is on the front page. I hope you enjoyed the pages and I hope to add yours soon if it is not there already.