As a truckdriver I spend many long boreing hours behind the wheel. There are many ways drivers find to make the miles pass a bit faster. Talking on the CB (YAAAAWWNN), Singing (I broke to many windows) or listening to the AM/FM radio. I like to listen to AM talk radio while I drive. I will often schedule my driveing time around my favorite shows. Below are some links to my favorite radio personalites. I have also linked some of the trucking radio shows althoe I will rarely listen to them. I do not like to hear a bunch of drivers and a talk host bitching about how we are treated I have a CB for that.


Art Bell
UFO's And Other Wierd Stuff.
Dr. Laura
A Verry Interesting Personal help show.
Bruce Williams
An Informative Money & Legal show.
G. Gorden Liddy
The In/Famous G-man Of Watergate.
Dr. Dean Adel
A Great Radio Show Where You Can Ask Your Medical Questions.
Michael Reagan
The Son Of One Of Americas Greatest Presadents Ronald Reagan.
The Car talk Bro's
A Verry Funny And Informative Car Repair Show.

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